Auxiliary Machines Series

  • DYSSQ Series Light Single-shaft Shredder

    In order to be environmentally friendly and suitable for different production requirements and crushing objects, DYUN launched the DYSSQ light shredder. It is suitable for shredding and recycling of gates, plastic thick board, building template, plastic films and various blow-molding containers produced during injection molding, blow molding and extrusion. According to the different feeding methods and recycling of the site, conveyors and crushers can be equipped. This shredder has low-speed rotary cutter, and is of low noise, high output and more energy saving.

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  • DYSSZ Series Heavy Single-shaft Shredder

    DYSSZ series shredders are designed to meet the difficult recycling requirements and high capacity requirements of various industries. They can be used to shred all kinds of plastic bulk solid wood, waste wood, waste paper and thick cardboard, electronic products and rubber products, etc. Representative products such as refrigerator casings, plastic leftover material, pallets, waste packing products, blow molding barrels, petrol barrels, plastic pipes and membranes, etc.

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  • DYSSG Series Pipe Crusher and Shredder Unit

    DYSSG series shredders can be used for shredding PE, PP and PVC pipes with a diameter of 1600MM. Pipes with a length of 3-6M can be directly crushed without splitting. The rotation speed is stable. After being placed into the horizontal feeding trough, pipe can be pushed into the center of the  by hydraulic propulsion as the feeding trough closed automatically. The shredded material is brought into the crusher by a conveyor for secondary crushing for the required broken granule size. The main advantage of the DYSSG series shredder system is that it saves a lot of segmentation labor and sawing waste, saves energy and reduces consumption. It is safe and efficient. The whole system is controlled by the PLC central control system.

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  • DYSS Series Small Single-shaft Shredder

    DYSS single-shaft shredder is a shredding equipment with a wide range of applications. It is designed to meet the waste recycling requirements of various industries. It can be used in a wide variety of materials, including various plastic products such as blocks, pipes and woven bags, various used cables, wood, waste paper and electronic waste etc. The size of the shredded material is depend on the features of material and the next step, and the shredded material can be directly recycled or for further crushed.

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  • DYFSS Series Four-shaft Shredder

    Four-shaft series shredders are of multifunction and versatility. With standardized and modular design, shredder of this series has an advantage of good interchangeability between spare parts. The auxiliary knife is refined by die forging, while the main knife, made of special alloy steel by a special process, is of good wearability and high intensity. The shredder is driven by intermediate gear transmission, forming differential relationship. Shredders of this series are applicable to shred plastic barrels, plastic frames, woven bags, circuit board and paper box etc., and have advantages of controllable discharging size, high-efficiency, low rotate speed and low noise.

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  • DYPS-T Series Tray/Plate Special Crusher

    Tray and plate special crusher, is mainly for crushing wide but thin plastic products. It has a dedicated main shaft and unique feeding hopper, which is easy to feed trays and wide plate products in. Wide products do not need to be cut, which spares the recycling process, saves energy, reduces labor intensity and costs and m improve the efficiency of pulverization and recycling.

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  • DYTSS Series Double Axis Shredder

    DYTSS series double axis shredder uses microcomputer PLC automatic control. It has the function of start, stop, reversal rotating and automatic
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  • DYSSJ Universal Single Axle Shredderg

    DYSSJ shredder series from cooperation of sturdy pushing feeder and directional heavy bearing, which make the operation more safety..Standard
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  • DYSSZ Heavy Single Axle Shredder

    In order to meet requirement of waste material recycling and high capacity in different fields, DYSSZ shredder can be used to shred big plastic block, waste wood log
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  • DYSSQ Light Single Axle Shredder

    In order to be environmental and to meet different requirement of capacity and product, DYSSQ shredder is promoted and it can be used to shred injection product
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  • DYSSG Plastic Pipe Shredder Unit

    DYSSG shredder is able to shred the PE, PP, PVC pipe with dia.1200mm, the length of 3-6m pipe can be shredded directly without cutting, and the rotary
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